Hi there, my name is Jordan. I'm a 26 year old self-taught programmer originally from Antwerp-Belgium but currentely living in Berlin. My fields of expertise include Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Php, Html/CSS, MySQL. (I also know a little javascript, python and ajax). I thrive for clean and robust code and i'm always up for a good challenge.

Brandenburger Tor

I started out programming (basic HTML and later some C++ and visual basic) when i was about 13 years old, mostly making basic websites, programs and scripts. I really enjoyed doing this but after two years i kind of grew out of it. I found a new hobby in the field of music and started spending most of my free time on this subject.

After highschool i started studying Social and Cultural relationships, in which i earned my degree. Then after some initial work and internship expierence i couldn't really find a job that was fit for me and so i began exploring my alternatives which lead me to pick up my old hobby again. This time around i would go serious about it and i did.


In between moving to Berlin and settling in my new appartment i finally managed to finish my homepage. Next month's agenda will be filled with updating my portfolio work, blogging about my progress, doing some freelance work and following some courses. By the end of this month i will start looking for a job, internship or Junior level. And hope my portfolio will suffice.

If you made it all the way through, then thank you for reading all the above and if you have any questions or job offers ;-) then just contact me in through the form below!