Lionel Weets

A couple of months ago I was contacted by belgian dj & producer Lionel Weets with the request of designing his personal website. After sharing some idea's back and forth and looking at other design examples we came up with some general themes of how the website should look and feel. Since Lionel produces music in the Detroit techno genre we both felt that the design should have a strong edge similar to his productions and therefore we opted for a rather dark color schema.

The website itself exists out of a long scrolling page where visitors can get a a quick look at Lionel's bio, latest news postings, tracks on soundcloud and his upcoming performances. Ofcourse people can also take a look at the rest of the pages which include the full summary of his biography, the media gallery or his discography which features an extensive list with info and tracklists of all his releases and links to the online shops.

Since the managment of all these different kinds of data (think newsposts, gallery-items and especially the discography) required some very specific functionality I opted to create a CMS from scratch using PHP and the other technologies listed below.

Tools & Technologies

  • HTML / CSS
  • jQuery
  • Ajax
  • Adobe Suite
  • PHP
  • MySQL