Marc Philipps

I ran into Marc whilst helping a good friend out during a filmshoot of a short-movie in Berlin. During one of the breaks he told me his website was really due for an update and so we started talking. His initial page consisted out of nothing more then a big background image and some links to his agency, there was no real functionality and it wasn't mobile friendly either. Although the clear lack of flaws was definitely present Marc still liked some of the design elements, like his logo and the presentation style of the menu for instance.

Keeping this in mind I recycled the old logo and also made use of not one but a couple of different background images in which I incorporated an automatic slider. From there on we took a slightly unconventional way of navigating through the website by first letting visitors see the full front page and then letting them slide down until the about section.

The website acts as full blown and interactive curriculum vitae and features everything from an image gallery to a showreel page and of course the latest updates through the news section. Since the functionalities of the page are quite basic it decided to hook up the back-end of the website to the Wordpress CMS. I chose for this option because in this case making one from scratch would feel like re-inventing the wheel since all we would be needing is basic CRUD-actions.

Tools & Technologies

  • HTML / CSS
  • jQuery
  • Adobe Suite
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Wordpress